How do I remove a review?

Everyone has the right to write a review if they have worked for you. See Terms & Conditions. If you consider a review as a fake review, please flag it directly on the site and our team will have a closer look. Choose the correct option from the dropdown and explain the reason. If we see that it is violating our Terms & Conditions, we will take it down. You cannot remove any reviews by yourself. Neither can we tell you who wrote the review.

Please do remember that everyone has got right to tell their open, honest and truthful opinion and you cannot pay us to take it down. We remove reviews only when we find strong evidence of abuse of our Terms & Conditions. Final content decisions are within Rate the Job sole discretion and we do not negotiate about them.

The best way to handle all reviews – positive and negative – is to reply. You can respond directly on Rate the Job site. We have learned that employees want to share their passion, ideas and be part of the working community. Responding to reviews shows a company’s commitment to its employees. It tells that you as an employer care and seek for new ideas and improvements. Answering reviews provide you an opportunity to show transparency and respect to your employees.

Engage your employees and encourage them to tell you their honest opinions and new ideas. Particularly interacting with direct negative reviews allow you to take quicker actions not to lose momentum and talent. We give you always the last word.